REMINDER - If this is your first event in 2022, please complete the required annual registration and waiver forms (links below) online in advance. This will save time and paper at registration.


Paul Bottomley (Event Director), Emily Secord (Registration), Kara Turner & Andrea Friars (Beginner Clinic)


A FREE Beginners Clinic will be offered for those interested in learning more about Orienteering. Basic skills such as how to read an orienteering map and do simple navigation will be included. The beginners’ clinic will be held from 10:15-10:45am. Registration for the beginner’s clinic is available on this site and in person for the beginner’s clinic will be at 10:00am. A waiver will be required, and beginners wanting to try a course after the clinic will also need a membership form (both are available below). Fees will apply to enter the event, however there is no charge for the clinic.


This will be a SCORE event where controls points are spread across the map with no set course. Participants go to as many controls locations as they can, in whatever order they like.

There will be 27 controls in total, (9) each have been set at a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level of difficulty.

Point Values are assigned to each control based on difficulty, as follows:

Beginner controls (10 pts) – Expect an approx.1.5km loop from start through all of the beginner controls. These controls will be located along easy to follow gravelled paths, none will be off trail.

Intermediate controls (20 pts) – Expect an approx. 3.0km loop from start through all of the controls. These controls will be near but not on trails.

Advanced controls (30 pts) – The furthest control is only 1.0km from the start, however, expect at least 6.0km to pass through all the advanced controls and a selection of the other controls. These controls will be found off trail and in wooded terrain (some very dense). Technically challenging navigation on and off trail should be expected.


You must have a 2022 Orienteering Canada waiver and membership form on file to participate in this event. These can be filled out online here, REGISTRATION AND WAIVER . If you have already completed these forms in 2022, there is no need to do another one. If you reside outside of NS, you need to be registered with a home club. (Waiver only for those registered with a club outside Canada).

Please follow all municipal, provincial and federal health guidelines while participating.

Please ensure you register on this website (or via email to by midnight Thursday, May 26, 2022. On-site check-in will take place on site from 10:00 to 10:45 am. Please ensure you have completed membership/waiver in advance (see above).

Last minute registration: This can be done on site, but to know how many maps to print we like you to register early. Also, pre-registration allows the on-site details to move more quickly. for the beginner’s clinic


11:00 am (mass start)

There will be two hours available for the event; course closure will be 13:00 pm.

Entry Fees:

The following are the fees for this event (pre-registered), add $5 for day-of registrations:

Senior: (age 21 and above) $10 per person

Junior: (age 20 and under) $5 per person

Family or wayfaring group: $15

Organized Group (e.g. scouts, guides, cadets, etc.: $5 per person)

SI (timing device) rental: $3 per unit

Maximum fee per family unit: $25

How to Pay:

In advance: By Electronic funds transfer to the following email:

In person: A payment container will be available. Please bring correct change.



Event is in Hemlock Ravine Park between Bedford and Halifax NS. Registration and Start Finish will be at Grosvenor – Wentworth Park Elementary School. Highway 102 exit 2 when approaching from either Halifax or Bedford, then Castle Hill Drive to Downing St.


Course Maps



Beginner Clinic


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