HOC is hosting a virtual Sprint of The Citadel in Halifax, NS. This will be a for-fun, at-home event to help curb your orienteering withdrawl during these COVID-19 times.

For this event you will require access to Google maps (streetview), be able to download/read a .pdf file and fill in a Google Form*. (*an email address will be required on the google form)

Step 1: Download the orienteering event map .pdf file.

Step 2: Open Google maps on Halifax Citadel.

Step 3: Open and fill out the Google Form quiz. Use the O-map and Streetview to find the answers to the question for each control.

Results will be posted after 6pm on Tuesday, May 12th.

:) Enjoy!


20 / 20David Masterson0:15:00
20 / 20Matt0:16:00
20 / 20Mats Wållberg0:26:00
20 / 20Louise Butcher0:28:00
20 / 20Pam James0:35:00
20 / 20Clair Evers0:37:00
19 / 20Marsha Fehr0:18:00
19 / 20Lily0:18:00
19 / 20Jan Merrill0:20:00
19 / 20Cheryl and Troy0:20:00
19 / 20Kara Turner0:22:00
19 / 20Ainsley Currie0:27:00
19 / 20Amelya Currie0:29:00
17 / 20Amanda Stephenson1:18:00
17 / 20Colleen Robinson3:32:00


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