Organizer: Emily Secord (Event Director)

Due to the bounty of rain forecast for Saturday I'm am moving the event to Sunday. With Remembrance Day ceremonies finishing up in the morning I'm hoping those who have pre-registered can still make it!

Come and appreciate the return to Standard Time with a Night-O in Sir Sandford Fleming (the inventor of Standard Time) Park. We will be starting up at Frog Pond, Purcell's Cove Rd. (parking on left 400m after Burns Dr.), at 6:32pm, nightfall on *NEW DATE* Sunday Nov 11th. Please come for registration/check-in from 5:45-6:15.

Bring your own headlamps and flashlights to help you find controls in the dark!

This will be a Score-O style event where participants find as many controls, as quickly as possible, in any order, in the 1 hour time limit! Be sure to be back on time or you will lose 1 point per minute you are overtime!

There will be Open Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories.

Please register here or by email to include Name(s), SI # or SI Rental Req., & Category


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