Organizer: Emily Secord (Event Director)


Type: Score-O

Registration: 10:30 am*

Start: Punch start following registration near Fairbanks Centre.

This Spring event at Shubie Park in Dartmouth will be a Score-O. Participants will choose their own adventure as they visit as many controls as possible in the time limit. 3 courses will be offered: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Please pre-register by Thu, April 5th for discounted OANS fees to with: Name(s), Course, SI# or rental req.

This event will not be NSOS eligible.

Due to the approaching weather system we will be offering an *earlier start* than advertised. We are doing a Scouting activity beforehand but you can come for registration anytime after 10:30am, when they will be out on the course. After registering, participants can start at their leisure after some prep time with the map. All participants will have a 1 hr time limit on the course from whenever they start. Note: There may be start delays as we debreif the scouts after their event (~11:30). We encourage you to start early but registration may be accepted until 12:30 to accommodate those who can’t arrive early.

We hope this offers a better option so you can still enjoy the event!

PS: if you will no longer be attending please email me to let me know.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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