Organizer: Emily Secord (Event Director)

Come participate in World Orienteering Day in conjunction with Canada's National Orienteering Week #OrienteerNOW.

This event will offer a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced course.

Registration and check-in opens at 5:15pm and will close at 5:45pm. If you're new to orienteering be sure to come early for a beginner brief.

Event starts at 6pm.

To encourage participation special WOD fees of $5 per participant or $10 per wayfarer group (+$3 SI rental, if applicable) will be offered to those who pre-register by Monday 21 May. Event day registration will be $10 per participant or $15 per wayfarer group (+$3 SI rental, if applicable).

There will be draw prizes for WOD headwear!

Please pre-register on this page or email: with Name(s), Course, SI # or rental req by Monday 21 May, 2018.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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