Organizers: Tony Wheeler (Course Planner), Ian Clark (Controller)

Map: Wentworth West Pre_E2C 2016 Course

There are two events in the 2nd annual Pre-E2C event: a 2 hour and 4 hour. The format is Score Orienteering. The Pre-E2C location is the beautiful area above the Wentworth Youth Hostel. Adult pre-registration cost is $25 per person for the 4 hr event and $15 per person for the 2 hr event. Under 18 and student costs are $20 and $10. After 19 May the cost goes up by $5 per person. On-site check-in/registration starts at 0930 and payment can be made then. The event begins at 1100. Sport Ident sticks are $3 per team.The SI stick is for the electronic punching and timing system.

All registration info can be sent to Tony Wheeler. Tony's email is

If you have a team name please supply that as well.

By clicking on the Map link at the top of this write-up, you can see the map where you will be competing on race day. The 2016 course is shown to give an idea of what to expect as far as number of controls and level of difficulty. This year the map scale is smaller (1:15,000 vice 1:10,000) and the map/course extends further to the west (the winning time last year was too fast!). For an idea of distance, the space between magnetic north lines is 250 metres.

Essential items to bring on race day include a whistle and compass. Water is recommended as there will be no water out on the course. Water and snacks will be available at the finish.

As you can see the map has a high level of detail and is aligned to magnetic north. Declination need not be accounted for on your compass. Expect runnable open woods, large hills, steep sided reentrants, marshes, crossable streams, cliffs, boulders and beautiful fresh air. Look forward to seeing you there!

Overnight facilities are available at the hostel. The hostel website can be found at



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